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Laura, your mediator with a sunshine-like approach, is passionate about:

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Laura's background in law and early childhood education allows her to facilitate calm and productive conversations, even in the most challenging situations.

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From Preschool Teacher to Mediator

I'm so grateful to Divorce Coach Lisa Lissar for having me on her show! The more I work with her, the more I WANT to work with her.

It was a blast discussing the unexpected turns life can take. We talked about how you can end up somewhere completely different than planned, sometimes challenging, but ultimately landing exactly where you were meant to be.

If you've ever had a major pivot (or two!), you might relate to my journey – from mediator to preschool teacher (yes, really!) and back to mediation. Check out the clip to hear me share my story.

This is a story I've been trying to figure out how to tell and somehow, I think I finally pulled it all together, what do you think?

Lisa's point is that divorce is something we never want to happen and don't plan on happening, but it creates opportunities to perhaps find the place you were meant to be. In my life, it was less about divorce (I'm still married) and more about jobs and recessions and the need to just keep swimming (thanks Dorrey , one of my favorite quotes to say to myself!).

P.S. Huge thanks again to Lisa for the insightful conversation!

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Crafting a Care-Full Plan: Where Love, Values, and Individuality Flourish

I'm a family mediator who helps you:

Empower yourself to create a parenting plan that fosters a secure and happy future for your family.

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Crafting a Family Care Agreement

Caring for aging loved ones is a deeply rewarding journey, filled with moments of connection and love. However, it can also be a path fraught with uncertainty and conflict. As roles and responsibilities shift, family dynamics can become strained, leading to disagreements and tension. But what if there was a way to turn this uncertainty into harmony?

Introducing the Family Elder Care Agreement – a powerful tool designed to guide families through the complexities of elder care with clarity, respect, and peace of mind.

The benefits of a Family Elder Care Agreement are:

Contact me today, or schedule a free consultation and let's build a plan that talk about how to bring your whole family together for this important discussion.

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Divorce Coaching

Feeling lost in the storm of divorce?

Divorce can be overwhelming, leaving you unsure of where to turn. But what if you could navigate this challenging time with clarity and purpose?

I'm a divorce coach who helps you:

I offer a unique perspective, combining coaching support with mediation expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Contact me today, or schedule a free consultation so we can start building your path forward. 

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Divorce Discernment

Feeling lost in the fog of your marriage?

Unsure if divorce is the answer? Wondering if there's a path to rebuild or a way to navigate a separation with clarity? There is a process for that.

Divorce Discernment, a structured approach, can help you:

Here's how your four-session journey unfolds:

Don't wander in uncertainty.  Divorce Discernment offers a structured path to clarity and informed decisions, no matter your final destination.

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Early Childhood Education

While raising my family, I took a break from meditation to become an Infant-Toddler Teacher. In addition to my required education in Early Childhood Education, I was accepted into California's yearlong fellowship for the Program for Infant-Toddler Care. I use the information I learned here to help us focus on the children in the conflict. 

Pet Custody Mediator

Who keeps the dog after a separation? Well, it is kind of up to the dog. In this course, I learned from Karis Nafte about dog behavior and what cues to look for when making decisions about who keeps the dog. 

In addition to this course, I have mediated claims involving pets in Small Claims Court. I have come to rely on my restorative justice training to find meaningful resolutions when our furry family members become the center of a dispute.

Dependency Court Mediation

I mediate parenting plans for the Los Angeles Courts. To work for SCFM, I completed an advanced meditation course in family meditation. 

I highly value the input I receive from these experienced mediators as well as family and dependency court judges and attorneys. This lets me and YOU know that my work is high quality and legally enforceable.  

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Who Gets the Dog

Feeling torn about your furry friend during divorce?

Does the thought of separating from your beloved dog add another layer of stress to your breakup? But what if you could navigate this challenge with a focus on your dog's well-being and create a solution that benefits everyone involved?

I'm a divorce coach and mediator, specially trained to help you:

Let's work together to find a solution that keeps the love for your dog at the heart of your separation.

Contact me today, or schedule a free consultation and let's create a win-win for you, your ex, and your precious pup.