Mediator Laura

Hello, nice to meet you. I am a mediator with a passion for developing agreements with families and small businesses that allow you to move out of conflict and forward with life. 

I use my background in law and early childhood education to help you focus on what is important - which relationships you want to foster, which ones you should keep at a distance, and which ones you need to sever. 

Clients have called me "a ray of sunshine" and said that they now see "light and hope" after talking with me. I value shining light into obscure or scary situations, I am happy to walk with you through conflict. 

During conflicts, clients often pause and comment that they haven't had such a productive and calm conversation with the other parties in years, if ever. 

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Crafting a Care-Full Plan: Where Love, Values, and Individuality Flourish

Let me help you focus on what is important in your parenting plan - creating stability and predictability for you and your children. This will allow you to move past the loss of your relationship with your child's other parent and into a new relationship as respectful co-parents. I will use assessments, worksheets and visioning tools to help you focus on what is most important - your children. 

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Who Gets the Dog

When you split up and both treasure your dog, how do you decide on who gets the dog and what visitation and support look like? I have trained with Karis Nafte to know: 

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Divorce Discernment

Trying to decide if your marriage is over, whether there are steps to take to avoid divorce, and how to organize yourselves to begin the divorce process? There is a process for that.

Divorce Discernment is a four-session process:

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Early Childhood Education

While raising my family, I took a break from meditation to become an Infant-Toddler Teacher. In addition to my required education in Early Childhood Education, I was accepted into California's yearlong fellowship for the Program for Infant-Toddler Care. I use the information I learned here to help us focus on the children in the conflict. 

Pet Custody Mediator

Who keeps the dog after a separation? Well, it is kind of up to the dog. In this course, I learned from Karis Nafte about dog behavior and what cues to look for when making decisions about who keeps the dog. 

In addition to this course, I have mediated claims involving pets in Small Claims Court. I have come to rely on my restorative justice training to find meaningful resolutions when our furry family members become the center of a dispute.

Dependency Court Mediation

I mediate parenting plans for the Los Angeles Courts. To work for SCFM, I completed an advanced meditation course in family meditation. 

I highly value the input I receive from these experienced mediators as well as family and dependency court judges and attorneys. This lets me and YOU know that my work is high quality and legally enforceable.  

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