Simple Joint Mediation

When you are looking for someone 

This is the option for you.  The process should go relatively quickly, based on your level of conflict, you maybe looking at something as low as three hours of time

Conflict is Moderate to High

                               And you need to keep the children front and center

When you need help setting aside your personal conflict so that you can make the right decisions for your children. 

Research shows that child-focused parenting plans are followed more often and result in more realistic plans.

Laura can help walk you through each visioning exercise based on her experience as a Master Infant-Toddler Teacher and child development education no matter their age. 

Each section of the visioning plan is designed to help you realistically evaluate your children's needs and develop a new vision of family life moving forward.

High Conflict - Shuttle Mediation

When the conflict is so high, the parties need to work with Laura separately.  This is called shuttle mediation. 

In this case, the plan is to set aside a full day to go back and forth with Laura until a plan is reached. A full day may mean up to 10 hours.

Ideally, both parties will be brought together for the final reading of the agreement. However, if this is not possible, the parties can still sign the final document without meeting. 

Can't Get the Other Party to the Table?

Conflict Coaching

If you are ready to bring down the conflict, with or without the other party's cooperation, it's time to consider conflict coaching.

Types of Coaching:

In coaching sessions, we work on identifying goals and values to bring down conflict and then practice tools and communication methods that will bring down conflict. Coaching sessions can also include short sessions where we work on specific targeted communication.  

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